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What are the possibilities of getting in touch with the writer?

One of the aims of the company is to ensure that the customer is able to communicate with the client  and this is something which is encouraged. One of the ways through which this can be done is through logging on your account and from here , you should be able to interact with the person who is working on your order. There is also a team whose work is to make sure that they provide the necessary support, they can be reached through comments, emails, chats or even phones. Our customer support team is usually on throught the days and nights. In the event that a client needs some clarification or modification of work, we usually reach you through the contacts that you would have provided. Customers are however advised to be checking their account pages for comments.

Are there measures to check plagiarism?

Our company strives to ensure that writers produce a very high quality work which is free of plagiarism. In order to ensure that plagiarism is checked, we have a soft ware where we run the work to ensure that it meets out standards. The facility checks through the online materials and would always point out a source where the material was taken from. The fact that we ensure that the work we do is original and trustworthy has made our clients to be confident of us.

What happened when I forget my password?

In the event that you forget your password, there is no need of being worried because there is a facility which aids you to reset it. The resetting is usually done through a link called Forgot Password, you can get the link on the login interface. For this link to serve you, you are required to provide your email address so that the link can be emailed to you, it is important to note that the time duration for the link is 24 hours. However it is important to note even after expiry, the link can always be recovered by use of Forgot Password link.

What is the main means of paying for a paper, can be able to send money through the site?

Our company usually operates with pay pal in order to ensure that the payments are done faster and in a secure way. The means of payments is known globally for its quality services. Being online payments method means that it is legally registered and thus it has been used to do countless money transactions for individuals and cooperates.  For you to get a service, you need to fill on an online form then this form will redirect you to the company portal. When you get to the page, you should be able to get tips and other vital information that would guide you through the process of sending the money. There is a lot of information on this from the web.

Is there a possibility of money guarantee?

You can get more information about this from the web page information. Your answered are guaranteed.

Can this service make one to be considered a cheat?

For you to be considered a cheat or not,   will depend on how you present your paper. You may be considered as a cheat if you present it as your own work and just that, but it will also be an academic crime. The best way to avoid such is to use the paper as a basis of preparing your own paper for example you could have an option of using the as a framework to design your actual paper and this is acceptable and also professional. The services we provide are legal and they are not banned by academic   and learning institutions. 

Which payments methods are used, and how secure are they?

All our payments and presently done through paypal and this service is globally recognized and it is also the most trusted and popular   for carrying out online transactions. What makes this method to be safe is that   you are not required to give sensitive and personal details like credit information. Once your details are received by the company, you will get to the website where you will do the transactions by using your balance, you may opt to use your credit card to complete the payments.

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 All our papers are passed through Plagscan anti-plagiarism software to ensure that the paper has 0% plagiarism.


Though all your payments will be served by PayPal in a secure manner, a PayPal account is not necessary. If you have one, you can use your PayPal balance. Otherwise, PayPal will request for your debit or credit card information.


 We guarantee unsurpassed quality and customer satisfaction as spelt out in our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

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