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What work factors explain "general happiness" and "life exciting or dull"?

By Admin 24 Nov, 2017

The term correlation is used on a daily basis to indicate some form of association. It is assumed that the relationship is linear and one variable increases or reduces at a fixed amount for a unit increase or decline in the other. The degree of relation is assessed by a correlation coefficient, indicated by r. It is at times termed as the Pearson's correlation coefficient after its initiator. The correlation coefficient is evaluated on a scale that differs from +1 through 0 to -1.  The correlation between two variables is stated by either +1 or -1. When one variable increases as other increases the correlation is positive. Conversely, when one variable reduces as other increase, it is negative. The bigger the absolute value of correlation, the stronger the linear relationship. The strong linear relationship is designated by a correlation coefficient of -1 or 1; the weakest linear relationship is signified by a correlation coefficient of zero (Wallnau and Gravetter, 2013). On the other hand, a standard deviation is a number that states how measurements for a group are spread out from the average, mean. A small standard deviation signifies that most of the numbers are very close to the average while a high standard deviation signifies that the variables are farther away from the mean. Regarding the mean, it is obtained by adding their variables and dividing the summation by the number of observations (Wellmer, 2012). Regarding providing a descriptive narrative for what factors affecting the general happiness and if life is exciting or dull, the paper will make use of results presented in four tables.

First, table one presents results of factors affecting general happiness, among the factors highlighted we can conclude that drinking problem, counseling for mental happiness having a child in hospital and child on drugs have a great effect on an individual’s general happiness and health. This is evident from the results, for instance, the degree of correlation between the general happiness and drinking problem is -0.094, this implies the two have are negatively correlated, as drinking problem increases, the general happiness reduces. On the other hand, the correlation value between the counseling for the mental problem and the general happiness increase is -0.087, this means the two are negatively correlated, the same case applies in the case of a child in the hospital and child on drugs.  On the second table, among the factors highlighted on if life is exciting or dull, the following factors tend to have a great effect, early enough to go to the doctor, counseling for a mental problem, infertility, and death of a close friend. The correlation value between if life is exciting or dull and early enough to go to a doctor is -0.072, this means they are negatively correlated, the same case applies to the cases of infertility problems. The correlation value between the death of a close friend and if life is exciting or dull is 0.055, meaning the two are positively correlated, life tends to be dull if a close friend dies.

About the details table three, factors affecting the general happiness and work, the following factors have a significant impact on an individual general happiness. Unemployed and looking for work a month, cut in pay, being demoted and own business losing. All these factors display a negative correlation (Wallnau and Gravetter, 2013). For instance, the correlation value between the general happiness and unemployed and looking for a work a month is -0.09, this means, as the tendency of being unemployed increases, the general happiness also decreases. The correlation value is higher than for the rest implying one is far much affected by being unemployed. Lastly, table four displays factors explaining if life is exciting or dull and work. As per the correlation value, being passed over for promotion, own business losing, partner fired and partner cut in pay and one’s spouse being unemployed are critical factors that explain if life is exciting or dull. The correlation value between one’s partners cut in pay and if life is exciting or dull includes -0.082, meaning the two are negatively correlated. This implies if one’s partner experience a cut in pay, the life tend to be dull.  

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